Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern

Shared Appetizers

MAX'S BAKERY CIABATTA ROLLS & BARI extra virgin olive oil & olive tapenade- 8

CLAM CHOWDER yukon potatoes, bacon, baby clams, parsley oil- Cup 8/ Bowl 16

BRUSSELS SPROUTS blue cheese, almonds, roasted grapes, apple cider aioli- 17

GRILLED CASTROVILLE ARTICHOKE parmesan, lemon zest, caper remoulade- 17

STEAMER POT black mussels, white clams, chorizo broth, fresh cilantro, garlic crostini- 18

CHICKEN PIZZA roasted tomatoes, bacon, red onion, pesto, chardonnay cream- 17

BRIE CHEESE fig and olive tapenade, local honey, bacon, toasted baguette- 18

CALAMARI panko crusted, house made cocktail & tartar sauce, grilled lemon- 19

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES burrata cheese, olive oil croutons, balsamic reduction, fresh basil- 18

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MIXED GREENS cranberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette- 14

WILD AGUGULA shaved fennel, braised yellow beets, candied walnuts, blue cheese dressing- 15

BABY ICEBERG WEDGE bacon, tomatoes, gorgonzola, fried onion, buttermilk dressing- 15
CAESAR hearts of romaine, lemon-anchovy dressing, Grana Padano, olive oil croutons- 14

PEACH SALAD baby greens, sweet red onion, manchego, spiced pistachios, peach vinaigrette- 14

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern


THE MEATLOAF potato puree, cabernet braised swiss chard, mushroom gravy- 36

CHICKEN BREAST roasted potatoes, lemons, olives, spinach, tomato, tarragon jus- 32

BBQ PORK LOIN roasted garlic potato puree, shaved brussels, blueberries, cabernet reduction- 34

SHRIMP FETTUCCINI capers, olives, broccolini, chile flakes, parmesan, shellfish-tomato butter- 29                    BRAISED DUCK PASTA pappardelle, thyme roasted mushrooms, creme fraiche, basil, cabernet jus- 32

SALMON charred onion risotto, peas, crispy prosciutto, fresh herb salad, gana padano- 35

MAHI MAHI corn puree, grilled asparagus, heirloom tomato relish, toasted bread crumb, lemon oil- 35

½ POUND WAGYU BEEF BURGER roasted tomato, bacon, white cheddar, garlic fries- 25

8OZ CENTER CUT SIRLOIN FILET parmesan yukon potato wedges, broccolini, citrus herb butter- 45

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern


BARI LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE fig ice cream, salted pistachios, pomegranate liquer

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES almond toffee, chocolate hummus, spiced rum, coffee ice cream
LIMONCELLO CHEESECAKE Sunflower Farm blueberries, tarragon syrup, blueberry sauce
CARAMELIZED PEAR BREAD PUDDING candied walnuts, basil, vanilla bean ice cream

PEACH COBBLER Blossom Trail peaches, toasted oat crumble, peach ice cream

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE local berries, vanilla bean biscuit, chantilly cream, balsamic honey

Children's Menu

For ages 12 years old and under

Entrees- 13
MEATLOAF mashed potatoes, broccolini
CHICKEN PASTA fettuccini, broccolini, alfredo cream sauce
PASTA BOLOGNESE fresh pappardelle pasta, broccolini, parmesan
BUTTER GLAZED NOODLES linguini, parmesan, broccolini
CHEESEBURGER cheddar cheese, fries

Desserts- (Included)


SCOOP OF ICE CREAM chocolate or vanilla
CHOCOLATE CHIP WALNUT BROWNIE fresh whipped chantilly cream

Sides- 5

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern