Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern

Shared Appetizers

MAX'S BAKERY CIABATTA ROLLS & BARI extra virgin olive oil & olive tapenade- 8

CLAM CHOWDER yukon potatoes, bacon, baby clams, parsley oil- Cup 8/ Bowl 16

GRILLED ARTICHOKE parmesan, lemon zest, house made tartar sauce - 17

BRUSSELS SPROUTS blue cheese, dates, almonds, apple cider aioli- 15
BRIE CHEESE fig and olive tapenade, local honey, bacon, toasted baguette- 18
CALAMARI house made cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, preserved lemon - 19

CRAB CAKES rock crab, poached salmon, tarragon, artichoke, ginger remoulade- 22

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH RISOTTO rosemary, maple, shaved pecorino- 15

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MIXED GREENS cranberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette- 14

ROASTED BEETS blue cheese, candied walnuts, fennel, basil, arugula- 15

BABY ICEBERG WEDGE bacon, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola, fried onion, buttermilk dressing- 15
HEARTS of ROMAINE CAESAR shaved parmesan, olive oil croutons, anchovy dressing- 14

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern


THE MEATLOAF potato puree, cabernet braised swiss chard, mushroom gravy- 36
CHICKEN BREAST roasted potatoes, lemons, olives, spinach, tomato, chicken jus- 32

PORK LOIN butternut squash puree, kale, bacon, almonds, cranberry-cabernet sauce- 34

SHRIMP FETTUCCINI tomatoes, olives, capers, chile flakes, chardonnay butter sauce- 29

BRAISED DUCK pappardelle pasta, thyme roasted mushrooms, cabernet cream, basil- 32

CIOPPINO salmon, mahi, mussels, clams, potatoes, shellfish tomato broth, grilled crostini- 32

1/2 POUND WAGU BEEF BURGER roasted tomato, bacon, white chedddar, garlic fries- 25

NEW YORK STEAK 8oz Manhattan cut, parmesan yukon potatoe wedges, broccolini, herb butter- 48

VENISON LOIN parmesan potato gratin, broccolini, peppercorn cabernet reduction- 42

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern


BARI LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE fig ice cream, salted pistachios, pomegranate liquer- 13

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE butter almond toffee, coffee ice cream, banana rum sauce- 13
PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE cranberry ginger sauce, candied cranberries, chantilly sauce- 13
CARAMELIZED PEAR BREAD PUDDING vanilla bean ice cream, candied walnuts, fresh basil- 13

PEACH SHORTCAKE local peaches, chantilly cream, balsamic reduction- 13

Children's Menu

For ages 12 years old and under

Entrees- 13
MEATLOAF mashed potatoes, broccolini
CHICKEN FETTUCCINE broccolini, alfredo cream sauce
SPAGHETTI & MEATBALL marinara, parmesan, broccolini
BUTTER GLAZED NOODLES linguini, parmesan, broccolini - 11
CHEESEBURGER cheddar cheese, fries - 13

Desserts- (Included)
SCOOP OF ICE CREAM chocolate or vanilla
CHOCOLATE CHIP WALNUT BROWNIE fresh whipped chantilly cream

Sides- 5

Schoolhouse Restaurant & Tavern